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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Growing up in a leprosy colony in Tamil Nadu, South IndiaSvoboda, Ana
2006Growth and characterisation of ordered indium arsenide quantum dots on cross-hatch virtual substrateCho Cho Thet
2015Growth and characterization of GaSb and InSb quantum dots on cross-hatch patternsThanavorn Poempool
2010Growth and characterization of high quality CuInSe₂ epitaxial thin films on GaAs substratesBancha Arthibenyakul
2006The growth and characterization of long chains of InAs quantum dot moleculesNuttawut Budsayaplakorn; Somsak Panyakeow
2005Growth and characterization of ZnOYuparwadee Deesirapipat
1994Growth and survival rate of three mangrove seedlings on the abandoned shrimp pond, Changwat Samut SongkramSarin Tantipuknont
2009Growth of multifunctional zirconium nitride thin films by reactive DC magnetron sputteringJirawan Saenton
2010Growth of titania on titanium plate via hydrothermal method for the application in water splittingNisa Dechrat
2004Growth options and interest rate exposure: a cross country comparisonPongsak Pojtanaditee
2009Growth, labour productivity and ICT investment in ThailandKyaw Min Han
2006Guideline for selection genetic parameters in multi-objective optimization problem and application for synthesis phenol recovery processPakorn Prom-on
2015Guidelines for the leadership development of primary school principals under the jurisdiction of Phnom Penh Municipal Department of Education, Youth and Sport in CambodiaSina Thong
1984Guidelines for the provision of video viewing facilities in librariesThompson, Anthony Hugh
2010Gumbling behavior in Thai stock marketAtchara Yomsin
2003Gut obstruction from multiple metastasis of subcutaneous leiomyosarcoma : a rare pheonomenonDuangpen Thirabanjasak; Voranuch Thanakit
2009Gypsum-board fire protection for fiber reinforced polymer strengthened concrete slabsAyurananda, Frieska Evita
2018-02The H2-Treated TiO2 Supported Pt Catalysts Prepared by Strong Electrostatic Adsorption for Liquid-Phase Selective HydrogenationSasithorn Kuhaudomlap
2000Haemoparasites of rock pigeon Columba livia Gmelin, 1789 in Bangkok and ChonburiPhimphann Ngoented