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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Formulation and Evaluation of O/W emultions containingsd Arabinoxylans from rice barn residuesYuvared Luangwitchajaroen
2008Formulation and physicochemical characterisation of fenofibrate-loaded lipid nanoparticlesWisit Muninnimit
2012Formulation development and evaluation of glucosamine hydrochloride foaming solution for transdermal deliveryChonticha Srisawang
2006Formulation development and Evaluation of Hydrophobic Base Containing Herbal extracts for Oral UlcersChanchit Leesatijakul
2006Formulation Development and in vivo evaluation in rabbits of Stavudine extended-release pelletsTipsuda Karawamitr
2000Formulation development of diltiazem hydrochloride transdermal drug delivery system utilizing pseudolatex baseChomchan Amnuaikit
2007Formulation development of film coated tablets containing malvastrum coromandelianum extractPornsri Prasertwaree
2012Formulation development of multilayer sustained release tablets of sodium valproate combined with valproic acidWorawan Saingam
2007Formulation deverlopment and stability studies of capsule containing cyclosporin a self-microemulsifying drug deliverys systemNichthima Paengnakorn
2002Formulation effects on delivery of propylthiouracil liposomes to U-937 macrophage cellsUtsana Puapermpoonsiri
2000Formulation of antiacne cream contraining freeze dried cashew apple juiceApimon Wuthiworawong, 1978-
2006Formulation of doxycycline loaded chitosan microspheres in glyceryl monooleate-based drug delivery systems for periodontitisKhanittha Singhirunnusorn
2007Formulation of dry mixtures for oral solution of ketoconazole prepared by co-spray drying with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrinsNeeranart Potiyanon
2015Formulation of extemporaneous amphotericin b topical preparations containing high amount of dimethyl sulfoxide for the treatment of onychomycosisPhojana Komesmuneeborirak
1994Formulation of field equations from continuity equationSongkot Dasanonda
2007Formulation of film prepared from Tamarind seed Xyloglucans containing Centella asiatica extractJirunya Assanee
2001Formulation of Garcinia mangostana Linn. extract buccal mucoadhesive filmPiyapak Hiranras
2006Formulation of IN SITU gelling suppository containing Centella Asiatica extract spray-dried with ChitosanMasvalai Likitthanaset
1990Formulation of low lactose milk-based medical foodNusara Piyapolrungroj
1994Formulation of miconazole buccal mucoadhesive patchPornpen Werawatganone