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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Invariance properties of dependence measuresAtiwat Kitvanitphasu
2005Invention and evaluation of dental blade-and-needle remover boxWannee Unwerawattana
2006Inventory managemen in commercial refrigeration manufacturingSubhaluk Pornsirianant
2012Inventory management : a case study of an electric industry companySorakrit Lekklar
2006Inventory management : a hydraulic cylinder factory case studySarayut Kiatubonpiboon
2006Inventory management system : case of fast moving automotive service partsNarumon Burapachayanont
2007Inventory management system development in automotive spare-part businessSuwadee Samuthananon
2016Inventory Policy Improvement for a Kitchenware TraderNutcha Joedjumnongwittayakul
2003An inventory-transportation system for multi-item joint replenishment with limited vehicle capacitySombat Sindhuchao
2014Inventory control system improvement in an automotive adhesive companyNattcha Nerdnoi
2014Inversion of prestack seismic data for reservoir characterization, offshore Andaman Sea, ThailandNon Sanpairote
1977Inverted channel floor system under uniformly distributed loadVicharn Khongkha
2011Investigating adsorption and selectivity of CO₂ on zeolitic imidazolate framework-78 using molecular dynamic simulationSuntharee Phuangjumpee
2008Investigating effects of temperature on electrical transport properties of semiconductors by hall effect measurementNatenapit Chookunhom
2011Investigating population and genetic structure in giant honey bee Apis dorsata Fabricius in ThailandAtsalek Rattanawannee
2015Investigating the performance of circulating fluidized bed oxy-fuel combustion in a coal fired power plantSomruethai Malithong
2006Investigation and comparison of catalytic decomposition rates of aqueous phenol in three-phase fluidized bed reactorMalin Mungmart
2014An Investigation and Development on Retrofit of Crude Preheat Train under Different Kinds of Crude OilsKitipat Seimanond; Parawinee Tangnanthanakan; Waramporn Pejpichestakul; Bongkoch Yimyam
2004An investigation into language learners' use of and attitudes toward a self-access learning center : paving the path to learner autonomyPunchalee Wasanasomsithi
2010An investigation into the effects of leaf spring suspension parameters on ride comfort of light trucksSirithon Saelem