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Title: Week 16 Final Project submission
Authors: หลักสูตรศศ.บ. สาขาการออกแบบนิเทศศิลป์ (หลักสูตรนานาชาติ)
Subjects: commde--materials and processes in drawing and making
Issue Date: 4-Apr-2011
Abstract: In 2069, planet Earth will face the most severe disaster that will make the whole planet vanish completely, forcing us to migrate to other planets within our galaxy. By exploring and playing various kinds of material creatively, 1st year CommDe is now taking you on board to witness the new world that based on facts, myths and paradoxical stories; the sun, the moon, the mars, the mercury, the venus, the jupiter and the comet. MATERIALS AND PROCESSES Instructor : Aj. Lisa Brown Aj. Wittamon Niwattichai Aj. Pim Suthikam with Aj. Be T. Pattanopas and Aj. Tommaso Maggio Teaching Assistance and Photographer : Apon Palanuwech
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20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-37.jpgFinal Mercury landscape, presentation3.86 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-23.jpgFinal venus landscape, a tunnel of eggs3.58 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-34.jpgFinal Mercury landscape3.41 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-11.jpgFinal comet landscape, hairy girls3.55 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-24.jpgFinal Moon landscape1.93 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-16.jpgFinal jupiter landscape, a network of knowledge2.53 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-14.jpgFinal sun landscape2.37 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-9.jpgFinal saturn landscape2.91 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-5.jpgBefore submission, installation3.16 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-2.jpgFinal Mars landscape, detailed4.53 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-4.jpgFinal Mars submission, presentation2.01 MBJPEGView/Open
20101203-matproc_week_16_final_project_submission-1.jpgFinal saturn landscape1.93 MBJPEGView/Open

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