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Title: Major range extensions for two genera of the parasitoid subtribe Facitorina, with a new generic synonymy (Braconidae, Rogadinae, Yeliconini)
Authors: Buntika Areekul Butcher
Quicke, Donald L. J.
Shreevihar, Santhosh
Ranjith, Avunjikkattu Parambil
Chulalongkorn University. Faculty of Science
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Subjects: Parasitoids
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2016
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
Citation: Zookeys. Vol.584 (Apr 26, 2016), p.109-120
Abstract: The genera Conobregma van Achterberg and Facitorus van Achterberg are recorded from the Afrotropical region and the Indian subcontinent, respectively, for the first time, and two new species are described and illustrated: Conobregma bradpitti Quicke & Butcher, sp. n. from South Africa and Facitorus nasseri Ranjith & Quicke, sp. n. from India. Conobregma bradpitti sp. n. is intermediate between Conobregma which was described originally from the New World, and Asiabregma Belokobylskij, Zaldivar-Riverón & Maetô, which was coined for the S. E. Asian and East Palaearctic (Japanese) species described under the name Conobregma, plus more recently discovered taxa, but the differences between these genera are few and slight. Of the four previously proposed diagnostic characters for separating Asiabregma from Conobregma, the new species shares two with each, and therefore, the two genera are formally synonymised. Facitorus was previously known only from the East Palaearctic region and from S. E. Asia (Japan, Nepal, Taiwan and Vietnam).
ISSN: 1313-2989 (printed edition)
DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.584.7815
Type: Article
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