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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2534อิทธิพลของแสงและอุณหภูมิต่อความคงตัวของระบบนำส่งยาทางผิวหนังไนเฟดิพีน : รายงานผลการวิจัยวราภรณ์ สุวกูล; สุชาดา ประเสริฐวิทยาการ
2009Skin delivery of Propylthiouracil from vesicular systemsSuppakarn Sripetch
2011Preparation and characterization of salmon calcitonin loaded chitosan nanopaticles dry powder for pulmonary deliveryChutima Sinsuebpol
2009Nasal delivery of japanese encephalitis vaccine using modified poly (D,L-Lactic -co-Glycolic acid) particles as delivery vehicleAmolnat Tunsirikongkon
2009Mechanism of liposomes in the delivery of the P-glycoprotein substrate model calcein AM into Caco-2 cellsIng-orn Prasanchaimontri
2006Formulation of doxycycline loaded chitosan microspheres in glyceryl monooleate-based drug delivery systems for periodontitisKhanittha Singhirunnusorn
2002Formulation effects on delivery of propylthiouracil liposomes to U-937 macrophage cellsUtsana Puapermpoonsiri
2007Formulation deverlopment and stability studies of capsule containing cyclosporin a self-microemulsifying drug deliverys systemNichthima Paengnakorn
2012Formulation development and evaluation of glucosamine hydrochloride foaming solution for transdermal deliveryChonticha Srisawang
2006Effect of solid lipid nanoparticles and chitosan nanoparticles formulation on physicochemical properties and ability for transdermal delivery of HIV plasmid DNA vaccineRathapon Asasutjarit