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Title: Humor In Mo Yan’s Novels
Other Titles: อารมณ์ขันในนวนิยายของมั่วเหยียน
Authors: Yueyan Yao
Advisors: Patchanee Tangyuenyong
Hathai Sae-Jia
Other author: จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย. คณะอักษรศาสตร์
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Subjects: Mo Yan
Chinese fiction
Wit and humor
Chinese literature -- History and criticism
วรรณกรรมจีน -- ประวัติและวิจารณ์
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Chulalongkorn University
Abstract: With the announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mo Yan, undoubtedly, has already become a world-famous writer in the Chinese contemporary literary world. His novels have become discussed in literary research, and by critics in recent years; however, studies on humor in Mo Yan’s novels are not common. This thesis aims to analyze the construction manner, emotional characteristics and spiritual connotation of the humor in Mo Yan’s novels. The research is divided into four parts: In part one, why Mo-type humor is funny, from an objective and subjective perspective, is analyzed; in part two, the construction manner of Mo-type humor is analyzed through literature, folk humor, and linguistics; in part three, the emotional characteristics of Mo-type humor, which can be divided into black humor, blue humor, gray humor and red humor are analyzed; in part four, the spiritual connotation behind Mo-type humor, is analyzed. The spiritual analysis of Mo-type humor indicates that it is regarded as the humor of ordinary people, and this is reflected in social reality. The results show that humor is an important characteristic of Mo Yan’s novels. He creates humor using multiple techniques, which enhance the enjoyment and entertainment value of his work. In this research, the emotional characteristics of Mo-type humor are categorized into various types to present a systematic analysis of the humor found in his novels. It is hoped that by investigating his work and analyzing the humorous characteristics in his novels, people will have a better understanding of the humor found in Chinese social culture.
Other Abstract: 随着诺贝尔文学奖的颁布,莫言无疑已成为中国当代文坛最受世界瞩目的 作家,他的小说也成为近年来文学研究和评论界热门话题,但对莫言小说中的 幽默特色研究还非常少见,本文的研究目的就在于通过挖掘小说中的幽默语料 分析莫言小说中幽默的构建方式、情感特色及精神内涵。 本论文的内容主要分为四部分:第一部分主要从主观和客观两个方面分析 莫式幽默观的成因;第二部分则从文学、民间诙谐文化及语言学三个角度具体 分析莫式幽默的构建方式;第三部分分析莫式幽默的情感特色,主要分为黑色 幽默、黄色幽默、灰色幽默和红色幽默四种;第四部分则分析了莫式幽默的精 神内涵,指出莫式幽默的精神立场是作为老百姓的幽默,同时也指出了其最终 的精神指向是社会现实。 研究结果发现,幽默是莫言小说中的一个重要特色,莫言通过多重角度构 建幽默,增强了文本的趣味性和诙谐性,莫式幽默的情感特色也是类型繁多, 并且幽默的形式背后富有深刻的精神内涵。笔者也通过对本课题的研究,对莫 言小说中的幽默有了一个系统的梳理和剖析,增强了对莫言小说中幽默特色的 认识和了解,也对中国社会文化中的幽默特色有了更深的认识。
Description: Thesis (Ph.D.)--Chulalongkorn University, 2015
Degree Name: Doctor of Philosophy
Degree Level: Doctoral Degree
Degree Discipline: Chinese
Type: Thesis
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