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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Performance of Smart Beta ETFs in US stocks marketAngkawipa Kangsanarak
2019Does the Introduction of Equity ETFs in the Emerging Markets Improve the Liquidity of the Underlying Stocks?Luxmon Teerachannarong
2019Dynamics of the impact of currency fluctuations on Stock Exchange of Thailand:Assessing the pricing of exchange rate risk.Bussarakum Rukchuen
2019How does the stock market value bank diversification in Thailand?Nawarat Boonchai
2019Do Investors React to Purchase Price Allocation?Nonthawan U-thisanonth
2019Bond market reaction surrounding share repurchase announcementPhasaporn Kitjakarnkoson
2019Market reaction to IFRS 9 adoption in the United StatesPichaya Yodruk
2019The Determinants of THB Swap SpreadsParkorn Wattanaskolpant
2019The Analysis of Long Term LNG Contract Pricing StructureYossaran Pichiansoontorn
2019The commitment on the stated use of IPO proceeds and long-run performanceVitaya Tangwongpatikul
2019Impact of ESG ratings on the borrowing cost, evidence from Asia-Pacific regionNattawan Tantinakom
2019The Disclosure of the Intended Uses of Proceeds and Aftermarket Trading VolumePornpimol Wongsiri
2019Impact of growth in international tourism industry contributed to CO2 emission in Cambodia, Philippines and ThailandJuthamard Laohawattanajinda
2019Location determinants of foreign direct investment in real estate : evidence from ChinaYi Tang
2019Which types of investor investment flow affect Thailand Stock Market Index Net Teeramungcalanon
2019Testing the determinants of stock exchange index comovement in Thailand stock exchangeNuntapat Asavaroengchai
2019ASEAN governance on data privacy : challenges to regional protection of data privacy and personal data in cyberspaceSupatsara Chaipipat
2019Does decision in learning Chinese derive from economic reason? (A case study of Airline industry to an increasing in Thai labor supply with third language skill)Piyawat Jongjiramongkolchai
2019The influence of Jacksonian tradition toward Trump's trade war against China.Putdhikorn Kasemphaibulsuk
2019Is a self-employment skilled employment? - a case study of self-employed with Bachelor’s Degree in ThailandKemmika Labkim
2019The effect of salary and health insurance benefit on job satisfaction in ThailandNattapat Srivibha
2019Does attractiveness have an increasing probability on hiring decision? Case study on Marketing position in Financial BusinessWiphawa Sukcharoen
2019The effect of outward FDI of China on the export of China to ASEAN countriesZiang Li
2019Impact of women's education on marriage outcomesNattamon Ungpraphakorn
2019Health-conscious working people and 7-11 ready mealKemika Sricharoenwong
2019The country of origin effect of “Made in Thailand” for chili paste product and its leverage on local and foreigner consumers upon their purchase intentionAngkana Wongwasutha
2019Do Thai property fund and REIT Investors herd?Palat Lertphitchaphong
2019What is the suitable economic indicator that can be used to explain Malee’s revenue in Thailand?Jiraphat Lertariyasakchai
2017Assessing the quality of English-to-Thai machine interpreting : translating Google TranslatePira Pewnim
2017User expectations of interpreters : a qualitative study of three user groups in Thailand ; patent litigation, public health, and cultural heritagePatricka Chulamokha
2017Effects of different first-person pronouns and politeness sentence-ending particles in English-to-Thai consecutives interpretation : a case studyThornwarat Laojariyakun
2017Preference in hiring interpreters- an insight into recruiters' persective a case study on recruiters in a German internatinal organisation in ThailandNalina Hiranprueck
2015Wordplay translation of Win Lyovarin's Poomruk Paansingha Part I Kaattakum Glang Talay, Part II Kadee Phee Nang Takien and Part III Kaattakum JukkrarasriParnduangjai Suwanyotee
2013Translation of poetry in "สิ่งที่ค้นพบระหว่างนั่งเฉยเฉย อุนนุนหมายเลข 1" by New-Klom (นิ้วกลม)Tanuchcha Sawadsrisook
2013Translation of poetic language in Ruenglaonailokluangta by Phichetsak PhophayakPimonpun Phetpadriew
2010Translation of humor in "เนปาลประมาณสะดือ" by New-Klom (นิ้วกลม): a translation projectTithinun Phoraksacharoen
2007Sin Khon translation projectTanyaporn Suthepwanon
Results 2101-2137 of 2137 (Search time: 0.01 seconds).