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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Tablet filler/binder properties of pregelatinized starch prepared from hydrochloric acid treated corn, glutinous rice and tapioca strachNeeranard Jinachai
1999Sustained release characteristics of pellets and compressed pellets containing lipidic or waxy substancesMonchai Siurai
1999Solid lipid nanopaticles as colloidal drug carries for parenteral administration : study on preparation parameters and their physiocochemical characteristicsWiwat Pichayakorn
1999Development of dimenhydrinate liquid filled coated hard gelatin capsule for rectal application : an alternative for tropical zonePeeracha Thanawattanawanich
1999Development of diltiazem hydrochloride controlled release pellets : effect of drug concentrations and encapsulating polymers on kinetic and releaseSurachet Wattana
1995Evaluation of theophylline sustained-release tablets prepared by different techniques in rabbitsChaichana Techawatcharatep
1995Optimization of natural rubber latex deproteinization by enzymesWonnop Visessanguan
1996Ozonolysis of styrene wasteWarangkana Lertsawat
1982ลักษณะธรณีวิทยาและการศึกษามินเนอรากราฟฟี่ ของแหล่งแร่ตะกั่ว-สังกะสี ชนิดสตราตาบาวด์ ที่เหมืองแร่สองท่อ กาญจนบุรีPichya Permthong
1983Analytical chemistry study of some hydroxyazo-metallochromic reagentsVaraporn Nateoon