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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Phonetic and pragmatic characteristics of infant directed speech in Thai : a longitudinal studyChayada Thanavisuth
2007Conformation, energies and complexation between alkali cations and aspartic acidWichien Sang-aroon
2010Effects of inclusion shapes on electric responses of nonlinear dielectric compositesJatuporn Thongsee
2010Efficacy of group motivational interviewing plus brief cognitive behavior therapy (GMI-BCBT) for replapse within amphetamine users with co-occuring psychological problems at Southern Psychiatric Hospital in ThailandK.Sinsak Suvanchot
2007Effects of freezing rate and fluctuating storage temperature on quality of frozen bread dough and applications of artificial neural network for quality predictionYuthana Phimolsiripol
2007Polyamine transport into cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803Wuttinun Raksajit
2012Electropromoted propane oxidation on sputter-deposited Pd, Ir, Ru, and Cu catalyst-electrodes on YSZ and modification of Pd catalyst with MnxOy interlayer for further improvementSaranya Peng-ont
2012A comparative double-blinded randomized study : the efficacy of prasaplai extract versus mefenamic acid on relieving pain among primary dysmenorrhea patientsKusuma Sriyakul
2555ผลของการฝึกกีฬาภูมิปัญญาไทยต่อพุทธิปัญญาในผู้สูงอายุสมศรี ปานพันธุ์โพธิ์
2010The effect of behavioral management program on blood cholesterol in patients with coronary revascularizationPachanut Tantikosoom