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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023The effect of bank liquidity creation on performance and stock returns: Evidence from ThailandWanlaya Boonsongkhoh
2023The influence of ESG performance on the cost of debt: evidence from Asia Pacific Countries: the moderating role of economic policy uncertaintyWiraya Nillaorsrisakul
2023The effect of earning surprise on market reaction at various free float levels: an event study in ThailandNetchanok Thongplod
2023Information asymmetry transmissions between futures and spot markets : evidence from ThailandSupichaya Pattanapanitchai
2023The credit risk-return puzzle and the value premium puzzle in ThailandPimnara Ratanasaeng
2023The role of return dispersion in momentum profitA study in the Thai Stock MarketChanunchita Watcharavasunthara
2023The roles of catastrophe (CAT) bonds: diversifier, hedge, or safe haven?Treepatchara Tasnavijitvong
2023The impact of regulation, financial liberalization, and mobile banking on banking crises : evidence from cross-country dataNapisa Saengmaneenimitr
2023The impacts of the 2014 Coup on Thailand's relations with the People's Republic of China and the United States of AmericaXue Yang
2023Exploring the link between ESG Scores and downside risks of stock returns during periods of negative shock : evidence in APACNattakij Summakarawa
2023Does ESG matter In corporate takeover?Sann Wai Lhyan
2023The effect of goodwill impairment avoidance on future performance growth: Evidence from ThailandChantanit Limapichat
2023Does ESG performance impact financial distress risk? evidence from Asia-Pacific marketsMethee Srikranjanapert
2023Utilizing asymmetric shock on volatility and asymmetric beta for enhanced investment strategies in the Stock Exchange of ThailandNuttapol Sirinakorn
2023The impact of Green House Gas emission on firm's performance in JapanChanikan Veerachadsakulchai
2023Filipino consumers' perception toward Gentlewoman Thai fashion brandGabriel Lorenzo Del Carmen
2023Consumers' media exposure, attitude and purchase intention toward Samsung Brand in MyanmarSoe Darli
2023Factors affecting online purchase intention of Thai and non-Thai shoppers on Lazada in ThailandSu Myat Hay Thi
2023Chanel brand equity in the eyes of male consumersAlexandra Grace Sheehan
2023Purchase behavior toward luxury fashion brands during Thailand's economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic among generation Y consumersJaruwarin Palarungsri
2023Brand experience of Thai consumers towards Let's Relax Spa and MassageSasachol Chumnanvej
2023The influence of AI chatbots on purchase intention of electric vehicles among consumers in ChinaNing Fang
2023The impact of brand image on customer loyalty toward Haidilao ThailandLiu Xin
2023Thailand's Role in ASEAN's Preventive DiplomacyUsaimeen Waenalai
2023Research on Chinese Language Education Policy and Chinese Language Education Development in ThailandMengyao Zeng
2023Bad genius: an analysis of filmic representations of Thailand’s social issues and Chinese viewers’ perspectivesShuwen Sun
2023Thailand's tourist destination image and their intentions to revisitJuxin Mou
2023Food tourism as a means of promoting food sustainability: a case study of street food in BangkokMarissa Soltoff
2023Music reminiscence in music therapy for elderly population: a scoping review of the literatureJugyodsapatn Kwankeeree
2023Curatorial practice project for online platform : music forest and the inner peace of slothLi Hsuan Chang
2023Curatorial practice project for art exhibition : from the island to the woodsSuphavinee Srisopon
2023Examining purity and green complexity score on wind and solar stock returnKanokphorn Pongklang
2023Influences of millennial consumers’ perceived value and attitude on usage intention towards spaSalisa Sornsaruht
2023Investor type effect to volatility-volume relationship: SET50 index futuresJirayu Nakviroj
2022The influence of human-like virtual influencers on intention to purchase beauty products among Chinese female gen ZSheng Liu
2022Chinese language education in Thai social context: a case study of Chinese language teaching at Debsirin school, BangkokLudan Cao
2022Perceived image of Samui Island from local stakeholdersPonatip Phetrat
2022The relationship between source credibility, advertising recognition, and purchase intention on snack productsPornsit Cheawkamolpat
2022Generation Z consumers’ behavior on Jones’ Salad’s online marketing communicationsPitchaya Watcharodomprasert
2022Credibility of travel influencer on millennial traveling behaviorPapitchayapa Boonsub
2022The influence of perceived value, user engagement, and emotions on usage intention of Thai Tiktok usersPhakkhaporn Dancharoenpol
2022Human rights due diligence: roles and contributions of sustainability professional in ThailandPimpilai Rumthum
2022Research on the economic and trade relations between China and Asean RCEPMeng Li
2022The ASEAN way : a study of its evolution and contemporary relevanceYanmei Zhou
2022Examining the new Asean regional order shaped by US-Chinese strategic competition-through the lens of health securityYichao Yang
2022Study on Nepalese migrant remittances: usage, gender perspective and remittance methodsTsering Diki Sherpa
2022An analysis of group singing intervention for patients with dementia : a scoping review of the literaturePongthipok Sootthipong
2022Music therapy for addressing impulsivity among children and adolescents : a scoping review of the literaturePeeraya Saion
2022Interventions with acute psychiatric patients in short-term music therapy : a narrative review of the literatureNapat Tangsujaritpun
2022Thai sentence segmentation using large language modelsNarongkorn Panitsrisit
Results 1-50 of 477 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).