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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Development of polymeric hydrogels as bio-glueThanapon Puangniyom
2020Analogous View Between Residual Networks and Partial Differential EquationsVichayuth Imchitr
2020Qualitative analysis of essential oils using TLC stationary phase modificationPongrapee Leosuwan; Ekkapob Imkool
2020Nickel-based heterogeneous catalysts for nitroarene reductionKhandhinat Watanaudomkiat
2020Evaluation of phosphorus and COD concentrations in bioponics under different acetic acid loading ratesBenchamart Khumsub
2020Removal phosphorus from aqueous solution by acid modified orange peels/alginate adsorbent beadsPhakhwan Sukarin; Roongkan Nuisin
2020Association between Ambient Fine Particulate Matter and Hospital Admissions for Ophthalmic Diseases in Upper Northern, Thailand: A Time-stratified, Case-crossover StudyNichaphan Kasikam
2020Study on rings whose prime right ideals are totally fully invariantPoramate Sangchan
2020Study on rings whose prime right ideals are two-sidedChanagarn Laoiam
2020The Association between Daily PM₂.₅ Exposure during Forest Fire Period and Inpatient Admissions for espiratory Diseases in Northern Thailand: A Case-crossover AnalysisChavis Ariyakhajorn
2020Comparative carbon footprints: The case of online and onsite learning of undergraduate program in Environmental Science, Chulalongkorn University, ThailandThanchanok Khoonnarong
2020Detection of enteroviruses and their removal efficiency in the wastewater treatment plantsKritnipit Phetanan
2020The assessment of aircraft noise annoyance from flight activities using the perceived noise metricsThanatcha Kantaracha
2020Monitoring enterovirus concentration in wastewater compared with clinically confirmed case and its seasonal patternPhitchaya Kongsuwan
2020Hydrocarbon Degradation Potentials of Some Bacteria Species Isolated from Contaminated Soil with Spent Lubricating Oil.Pannathat Tansawat
2020Evaluation of nitrogen concentrations in bioponics under acetic acid additionsPiyatida Hussanodart
2020Plasma-induced poly(acrylic acid) catalyst nanoparticles coated polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membraneNattaya Sonsiri
2020Preparation of modified orange peel/alginate beads for phosphorus removalNuttaporn Chotvichasirikul
2020Determination of the relationship between organic carbon and environmental factors in agricultural Saraburi soils by comparative analysis of methodsKamonchanok Wutisatian
2020The relationships between microbial communities and environmental factors in agricultural soils in SaraburiPimonpan Pakdee
2020Effect of the curing time and leaching of drill cuttings used as a raw material to produce mortarPanida Sukhopala
2020Synthesis of MIL-88A for decolorization and COD removal in sugar industrial wastewaterChulaphorn Buakaew
2020Decolorization of dye wastewater containing Reactive Red 239 by Fenton processVanatchaporn Sayanwisuttikam
2020Contamination and characteristics of microplastics in recreation beach sediment of the western part of the inner Gulf of ThailandPawonwan Sanguanpan
2020Isolation, screening, and cellulase assay of cellulolytic bacteria from rice field soils in Changwat KalasinRawit Aimraksa
2020Non-Destructive discrimination of beef-blood adulterated in pork using NIR spectroscopy combined with chemometricsThanyasorn Monthasri; Prima Taechatakrantham
2020Synthesis of Titania-Silica-Iron Oxide Nanocomposites and Investigation of their Bactericidal ActivitiesPenpatcha Limsowan; Chutima Rakyu
2020Determination of mineral oil hydrocarbon in rice bran oil using liquid chromatography with gas chromatography flame ionization detectorJetaphat Sathirchawal
2020Electrolysis of agarwood oil and analysis of the chemical profiles with TLC and GC-MSPunyanuch Jenthamnukul
2020Development of bismuth-doped amorphous cellulose for X-ray shieldingJinyada Nikhong
2020Topological properties of spaces of complete and consistent N-TypesThanathip Phokhaw
2020Molecular Docking Calculations of Helicobacter Pylori and Its InhibitorsChisanupong Kunmas; Panuwat Viriyaparadon
2020Determination of α-casein protein in pasteurised and UHT nonfat bovine milk using RP-HPLCChayanitasa Punyathanarwat
2020Investigating water relations in a tree (Tabebuia argentea) and a palm (Ptychosperma macarthurii) species in the dry season at a tropical roof gardenRatchanon Ampornpitak
2020Effect of acids and ZSM-5 as catalyst for chitosan depolymerization processThamonwan Varavarn Na Ayudhaya
2020Clay supported earth-abundant metal phosphide nanoparticles catalyzing sugar conversion to value-added chemicalsPatitta Preedanorawut
2020The efficiency of chemical agglomeration in PM₂.₅ removal under a closed testing systemJittanan Choowichien; Thitirat Chuaykarn
2020Comparison between Conventional GA and Quantum-inspired GA on Genetics Design through Multi-Objective OptimizationPhattharaphon Khammun
2020New thin-layer chromatography (TLC) based sample preparation method for pesticide analysis with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)Wuttikorn Torprasertkul
2020Synthesis of Vanadium dioxide VO₂ nanoparticles for thermochromic applicationsRattachanok Chongprasit
2020Colorimetric Paper-based Sensor of As(III)Yinxi Zhu
2020Synthesis of depsides and their biological activityThamolwan Arnanthigo; Napassakorn Chuaycharoen
2020In P-minimal structures with definable Skolem functionsPatcharapa Hanmungtham
2020Reciprocity Principle and Extended Special RelativityNattawut Natkunlaphat
2020Determination of effective Plasmodium falciparum dihydropteroate synthase inhibitors using molecular docking techniqueRaveeporn Anantapattanapong; Sirintra Kasemlonnapa
2020Printable Zwitterionic HydrogelSant Kunsook
2020Polymeric Beads Encapsulated with Natural Product Extracts for Oral Care ApplicationsPattarawimon Phoonsiri
2020Study of the Statistics of Cosmic Microwave Background FluctuationsChanasorn Kongprachaya
2020Catalytic conversion of glucose to ethyl lactate over zeolitePanipuk Maneethai
2020Alginate Capsules for oil entrapmentThawin Tangsirivanich
Results 1-50 of 305 (Search time: 0.008 seconds).