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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994Application of chitin and chitosan as film formers in propranolol hydrochloride sustained-release film coated tablets compared with cellulosesChirasak Kusonwiriyawong
1995Application of chitosan as release rate-controlling membrane in isosorbide dinitrate transdermal patchWarunee Leesajakul
2006Chitosan Microparticals for protein and antigen delivery: Perparation, Interactions with antigen presenting cells and vivo immune responseChirasak Kusonwiriyawong
2012Chitosan nanoparticles with aluminium hydroxide gel as nasal delivery system for influenza vaccineAnawatch Mitpratan
2004Controlled release of chitosan film coated tablets by osmotic and diffusion machanismsWalailak Namwijitphan
1999Controlled release of nofedipine from combined carriers between eudragit and povidone K30 prepared by spray drying techniqueChutima Sinsuebpol
1997Controlled release theophylline granules coated with poly (ethylacrylate methylmethacrylate) aqueous dispersion by fluidized bed techniqueUraiwan Petcharunpaisan
2002Development and in vitro evaluation of diazepam oil in water microemulsion as parenteral drug delivery systemRattanasuda Nilnakra
2011Development of asiatic acid solid lipid nanoparticles for nasal deliveryPilaiporn Khunathum
1989Development of indomethacin sustained release tablet using cellulose derivatives as a matrix systemsuwannee panpanawan
1996Development of isosorbide dinitrate transdermal patch using crosslinked-chitosan as rate-controlling membranesJarupa Viyoch
2003Development of lidocaine oral mucoadhesive patchesSuchavadee Keongamaroon
2003Development of Metronidazole Microemulsion gel for Periodontal useVachiraporn Sriprasert
1990Development of nifedipine transdermal delivery system via matrix diffusion technique using hydrophilic polymersGunyarat Viratyosin
2001Development of parenteral peptide drug delivery system via microemulsion technologyPhanphen Wattanaarsakit
2005Development of solid lipid nanoparticles and nanostructured lipid carriers containing amphotericin BPhatsawee Jansook
2003Development of Spray Dried Mucoadhesive Microspheres as Intranasal Drug Delivery SystemSaraporn Harikarnpakdee
2002Development of sustained-release diclofenac sodium microtabletPananee Phueksuwan
1996Development of theophylline sustained release granules coated by fluidized bed technique with poly (ethylacrylate methylmethacrylate) and ethylcellulose aqueous dispersionsSaraporn Harikarnpakdee
2001Diazepam solid lipid nanoparticles using glycerol behenate produced by hot homogenization processAmornrat Viriyaroj