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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Anticancers from selected endophytic fungi from Ratchadat Brucea javanica (L.) Merr.Sujitra Hanthanong
2009Antimicrobial compounds from endophytic fungi isolated from Casearia grewiaefolia Vent., Picrasma javanica BI., Oroxylum indicum (L.) Vent. and Erythrina variegata Linn.Phunlap Pompeng
2006Bioactive compounds from endophytic fungi from Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus Pierre ex.Surasak Prachya; Suthep Wiyakrutta
2007Bioactive compounds from endophytic fungi from Suregada multiflora (A. Juss.) Baill.Keattivoot Ditpan
2004Bioactive compounds from endophytic fungi Phomopsis sp. from Urobotrya siamensis and isolate LRUB 20 from Leea rubraPorntep Chomcheon, 1977-
2009Bioactive compounds from marine fungi strains Nodulisprium sp., Aspergillus sp.and Penicillium citrinumSanya Sureram
2007Bioactive compounds from sponge-derived fungus strain CRI 247-01 and soft coral-derived fungus strain CRIF1Chairut Kasettrathat
2013BIOACTIVE COMPOUNDS FROM STEM BARK OF Derris indica (Lamk.) BennetPornpat Anusiri
2009Bioactive compounds of endophytic fungi from Lindenbergia philippensis Benth. and Leea rubra Blume ex SprengPorntep Chomcheon
2000Chemical constituents and their inhibitions of cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase of the rhizomes of Globba malaccensis RidlSathaporn Onanong
2016Combination of gold nanoparticles and lycorine for enhancing anti-inflammatory activityVarayukrit Payuyong
2000Cytotoxicity of chemical constituents of the stem barks of Croton oblongifolius Roxb. from Muang, Prachuap Khan ProvinceBoonjira Boonthay
2006Cytoxic activities of 6-deoxyclitoriacetal and its derivativesNustha Kitprathaung
2008Development of gelled electrolyte for lead-acid battery using polyacrylamide and sulfate saltsWorawan Siridetpan
2017Development Of Immunoassay On Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices For Determination Of Ractopamine, Alpha-Fetoprotein, Human Thyroid Stimulating HormonePattarachaya Preechakasedkit
2016Development of paper-based devices for detection of Vibrio parahaemolyticus DNA from loop-mediated isothermal amplificationJutaporn Tipchote
2006Diterpenoids from the roots of Croton oblongifolius Roxb.Witoon Youngsa-ad
2014Effect of thermal process on bioactive compounds in crinum asiaticum leavesSineenat Laokam
2012Effects of polysaccharide gel extracted from durian Durio zibethinus fruit-rinds on immune responses in chickens and quantity cholesterol in chicken nuscleNustha Kitprathaung