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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Application of polyvinyl acetate aqueous dispersion in preparation of sustained release matrices by spray drying processSirima Sangkapat
2009Application of polyvinyl acetate as release controlling agent in 17-β estradiol implant matricesSupot Wittayanukulluck
2004Application of Starch as Partial substitutute for Gelatin in the production of Hard Capsule shell by Dip Moulding methodSomsak Wongpoomchai
2002Bioavailability of ketprofen liquid filled in coated hard gelatin capsule for rectal use in rabbitsMallika Laoweerathum
2004Comparative evaluation of gliclazide controlled release tablets using two different hydrophilic matrix systems in rabbitsPipat Tantiwattanasirikul
1991Controlled release theophylline matrices prepared from co-spray dried theophylline-polymer-channeling agentPhuriwat Leesawat
2003Design and in vitro evaluation of acyclovir sustained release tablet using hydrophilic matrix systemChitralada Vasarach
2001Development and evaluation of Ketoprofen transdermal patchSiriporn Ngohcharoen
2006Development of 17B-estradiol and norethindrone implants using acrylate polymers as release controlling agentChutima Wiranidchapong
2002Development of composite particles of rice starch and microcrystalline cellulose as direct compression diluentVasinee Limwong
1999Development of dimenhydrinate liquid filled coated hard gelatin capsule for rectal application : an alternative for tropical zonePeeracha Thanawattanawanich
2003Development of dry powder coating technique for pelletsChatuphon Charoenkitpaiboon
2005Development of dual-drug resinates of dextromethorphan and diphenhydraminePrasert Akkaramongkolporn
2007Development of effervescent granules and pellets containing Phyllanthus emblica L. fruit extractPatcharin Karnjanachotdumrong
2004Development of osmotically controlled drug delivery capsulesNatchanan Siroratsakul
2009Development of osmotically controlled drug delivery system using crosslinked and non-crosslinked hard gelatin capsulesNijarat Wichianprasit
1991Development of tablet manufacture method of ergoloid mesylate by solid dispersionsPeerawat Thongkam
2004Dissolution enhancement of meloxicam by co-spray drying and co-freeze drying with beta-cyclodextrinPetcharat Kornanansiri
2005Effect of plasticizers on drug release from polymethracrylate and polyvinyl acetate matrices prepared by thermal granulationThananop Chitaree
2016Effect of polyoxyl 40 hydrogenated castor oil on pellet formation using silicon dioxide as an extrusion-spheronization aidSanpeth Limpakomon