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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of fluid flow pattern in a spray dryer to minimizing wall deposition problemArtitaya Patniboon
2004Application of polyvinyl acetate aqueous dispersion in preparation of sustained release matrices by spray drying processSirima Sangkapat
1999Controlled release of nofedipine from combined carriers between eudragit and povidone K30 prepared by spray drying techniqueChutima Sinsuebpol
2009Development of antimicrobial microparticle for use in commercially non-sterilized foodPajaree Tangsiriwattana
2004Dissolution enhancement of meloxicam by co-spray drying and co-freeze drying with beta-cyclodextrinPetcharat Kornanansiri
2008The effect of spray-dried fruit juice of Phyllanthus Emblica on hemin induced lipoprotein oxidationSirirat Mongkhollikit
2007Formulation of dry mixtures for oral solution of ketoconazole prepared by co-spray drying with hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrinsNeeranart Potiyanon
2007Formulation of film prepared from Tamarind seed Xyloglucans containing Centella asiatica extractJirunya Assanee
2007Formulation of oil-in-water emulsions containing spray-dried tamarind pulp extract and whitening efficacy test in volunteersRattana Songmek
2011Loss mechanism of multi-flavor compounds in microencapsulation process by spray dryingPailin Penbunditkul
2001Microencapsulation of amoxycillin trihydrate by complex coacervation and spray-drying techniquesAtchara Maimansomsook
2011Microencapsulation of phase change material with silica from sodium silicate by spray drying processPhaiphan Saowapa
2010Optimization of spray-drying process for perparation of inhalable rifampicin-loaded popy (d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) powderPhennapha Saokhum
1996Preparation and evaluation of diclofinac sodium spray-dried with aqueous-based polymeric systemsNantharat Pearnchob
1999Refining of local ball clay by spray dryingThanapun Jirasupanun
1994Study of tabletting properties of modified rice starch prepared by spray drying technique and crosslinking reactionSiriyos Timaroon
2011Synthesis of porous γ-alumina with resorcinol-formaldehyde gel template via spray dryingSukruthai Sapniwat
2552การกักเก็บน้ำมันตะไคร้โดยใช้การอบแห่งแบบพ่นฝอยมาลินี แก้วปัญหา
2556การกักเก็บเมนทอลในแป้งข้าวเจ้าโดยการอบแห้งแบบพ่นฝอยพิชญ์วิภา พรหมมาศ
2556การกักเก็บเอนไซม์โปรติเอสสด้วยการอบแห้งแบบพ่นฝอยสำหรับผงซักฟอกอภิสรา ศรีสายหยุด