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Title: กระบวนการเลือกและนำเสนอ "ความเป็นไทย" ในนิตยสาร "สวัสดี"
Other Titles: Selection process and the presentation of "Thai conceptualization" in "Sawasdee" magazine
Authors: ชยาพร เพชรโพธิ์ศรี
Advisors: อุบลวรรณ ปิติพัฒนะโฆษิต
Other author: จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย. บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย
Issue Date: 2539
Publisher: จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย
Abstract: This research aims at analyzing the selection and presentation processes of “Thai Conceptualization” and related factors in “Sawasdee” magazine. This study was conducted by means of a content analysis of 12 volumes of Sawasdee Magazine from 1992 to 1994 and an in-depth interview. The findings of the study reveal that “Thai Conceptualization” can be classified into 7 categories : Buddhism, the royal family, Thai traditions and way of life, arts and architecture, Thai language and literature, and uniquely Thai characteristics. The selection process for “Thai Conceptualization” consists of 4 dimensions: 1) “Thai Conceptualization” is selected in accordance with the structure of the magazine which is divided into 4 different parts: introduction, columns, articles, and an advertisement for Thai Airways International; 2) The selection of “Thai Conceptualization” is done by the editor, authors, photographers, related division and advertising companies; 3) the “Thai Conceptualization” criteria are based on the fact that they do not present negative images of Thailand; they are concrete; they involve foreigners’ participation; the do not consider political issues, and they can promote sales; and 4) those responsible for the decision are the Sawasdee committee. The presentation of “Thai Conceptualization” can be categorized into 3 dimensions: 1) The introduction and sections do not vary across the volumes while the articles come in different forms; 2) The meaning and content presented are mainly to show off “Thai Conceptualization” both in reality and media creation 3) The purposes of the presentation vary according to the structure of the magazine-to publicize Thai culture and tradition, to disseminate news and information valuable for business and investment, to create and promote the service image, and to promote sales. Factors which influence the selection and presentation of “Thai Conceptualization” are Thai Airways’ and the magazine’s policy and image, the readers, the target market, and cultural factors, etc.
Description: วิทยานิพนธ์ (นศ.ม.)--จุฬาลงกรณ์มหาวิทยาลัย, 2539
Degree Name: นิเทศศาสตรมหาบัณฑิต
Degree Level: ปริญญาโท
Degree Discipline: การสื่อสารมวลชน
ISBN: 9746329243
Type: Thesis
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